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On June 1, 1975, seven rural towns were selected to be part of a genetic experiment where science met magic. Isotopes were released into the water supply, carefully designed to interact with long dormant genes. When children were born nine months later, they expressed characteristics of races that had long ago disappeared from the earth.

Faerie, Walkers, Witches... it seemed latent talents had returned. with one in five children born to these communities becoming somehow supernatural.

In 1980, those children began to be accepted into private schooling centers -- three between Massachusetts, Missouri, and California -- to be raised in full knowledge of what their skills and new heritage meant. At that same time, isotopes were released into the water of thirteen more suburban communities, and more children were born.

In 1990, schools were opened in Michigan, Arizona, North Carolina, Florida, and Washington State. Isotopes were released into the water supplies to the capital cities of all states, as well as major metropolitan areas such as New York/Long Island.

By 1995, 1 in 1,000 children born throughout the United States appeared to have the characteristics of the old races.

The year is now 2010. The eldest of the children born to the new world are in their thirties and having children of their own, and some are teaching those who come to school now.

The old world is returning, and it will be up to those coming to adulthood now to be ready to lead it.

Player characters will be either students in grades 11 and above, or will be instructors at Pelham Place, the school located in Pelham Hills, Massachusetts. All player characters will be born to the Old Races, between the dates of February 29, 1976 and September 1, 1994.

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