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We’re all adults here, right?
- 18+ players only, please
- No godmodding. Hearsay (lying IC about what another character did) is one thing, but actually moving another character for real is just not allowed.
- IC is not OOC and OOC drama will not be tolerated. If you are stirring up drama and making people feel unwelcome in the game, you will be asked to leave.
- This game will include adult situations. Please see the FAQ for posting conventions, but the important thing to know here is that we welcome all forms of gender, sexuality, etc. Not all players are expected to write NC-17 material, but if you have an issue being in a game that includes NC-17 scenes, this may not be the game for you.
- IC actions have IC consequences. If your character does something mean and nasty, it will likely come back to haunt him/her. If they break a rule, they will be punished. Yes, sometimes characters won’t get caught, but sometimes they will. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact the mod to discuss in advance what those consequences might be.

How much do you expect me to play?
- All characters are expected to have three participatory posts in a month. This can be any combination of IM logs, phone calls, threads, journal posts readable by others, etc. etc. Solo narratives and private posts will not count towards participation, as the goal is to have all characters interact.
- Activity checks will be done roughly around the beginning of the month. Characters who were added in the last half of the prior month will not be included in the check, and characters added in the first half of the prior month are only expected to have two pieces of activity.
- Please remember to tag your entries! This is how I will look for your activity and if it’s not tagged, I might miss it.
- Players for characters who do not make activity checks will be contacted. If a character requires warning two months in a row, the player will be asked to let go of the character. Not responding to a mod note about activity is grounds to have that character removed.
- Please remember to post to OOC if you will be on a hiatus! It is understood that life happens, but unfortunately, we are not mind-readers, and if you don’t tell us there is a problem, we won’t know.

Speaking of problems... what if I have one?
- We expect everyone here to act like the adults they are and try to solve any difficulties they might have within the game.
- That said, communication is important, and we can’t solve problems we don’t know about. If there is a problem, please let the mod know so we can discuss it and find solutions.

How old should my character be?
The oldest possible character could be born February 29, 1976, which is when the first Old Race baby was born. The youngest possible character should be 16 by September 1, 2010 and a Junior in school, at a minimum.

Does Pelham Hills, MA actually exist?
Nope! Truth is, the name popped into my head one day and is kind of an in-joke. When I was growing up in Massachusetts, there was this store that I lovedlovedloved, which sold marionettes. I still have the two marionettes my parents bought me when I was a girl, and the place that made them was Pelham Puppets. That clicked together with the idea of a school-age game where the characters were somehow created by external circumstance, and may be having their own strings pulled eventually.

How far can we go on screen?
Sexually, if you want to go all the way, be my guest. Just remember that all posts of a graphic sexual nature need to be marked as such in the header, and use a cut tag for the main text of the post.

In terms of violence, there are some things which may be triggering. If you want to run a plot with rape or death, please come talk to the mod first, not because we don’t want you to, but because we’d like to talk about how to best handle it on-screen.

Alright, so how do we label our posts?
You’ve all seen this before, right? Just make sure you include who, when, where, what (thread, IM log, phone conversation, email, etc.), rating, status (private, semi-private or open, as well as whether it’s a completed log or an incomplete thread), and you only need to include notes/warnings if there is something that might be a major trigger (like the aforementioned rape and violence).

And where do we put those posts?
Pelham Place is keeping it simple! There are only two communities: IC and OOC.

If you’re posting an IC journal entry, it goes in your characters own journal, just like if you were posting to Dreamwidth normally.

If you’re posting something else IC (thread, IM log, whatever), it goes in the IC community, [community profile] pelham_place.

If you’re posting anything OOC, which can include hiatus notices or fanfics for the game or mixes or plot wrangling or whatever, it goes in the OOC community [community profile] pelham_place_ooc.

What about posting backstory?
We’d love to see backstory! Post completed logs or fics in the OOC community, and please use any appropriate labels. Backstory should not be written as a thread, only as logs or fics.

Wait, did you mention tagging?
Yes, yes, I did. Every entry in either community should be tagged, and tags will be set up by the mod or by others who have offered to help maintain tags (I think I can do this on Dreamwidth but I’d better check that out, huh?). You can post your entry, then click Edit Tags, and you will be able to choose from the list of tags. Or you can start typing a tag and it will try to fill in the right tag for you.

If you can’t find the tag you need, just use the “! needs a tag" tag, and drop the mod a note to let them know what tag is needed.

So, is this a social game, or is there an overarching plot?
Yes, and yes. What, can’t it be both?

I love social games, and the age bracket for the characters is ripe for all kinds of social interaction, and I want to encourage that. Character development breeds plot.

That said, these characters are part of an attempt to bring back the old races, and have all been shuttled into a single school since they were five years old in order to help raise them in the knowledge of what they can do. Someone out there is pulling the strings for a reason, which will become evident over the course of the game.

I love my characters! How many can I have??
If you join the game before it opens, you can start with two characters to help jump-start the game. After the game begins play, new players may start with one character.

Once you’re playing, there is a two week waiting period between applications for characters, and a maximum of four characters will be allowed per player. Also, applications may be denied, or asked to hold off and wait, if earlier characters for the same player aren’t yet fully active.

I love my character but I’m having trouble making it fit in.
It’s so frustrating when that happens! But it does, unfortunately. If you’re having trouble bringing a character into the social whirl of the game, please contact the mod. I might have some ideas on how to connect the character to the game, or if you really feel that the character needs to be dropped, we can discuss how to make sure dropping it doesn’t break anything else within the game.

Are there any posting conventions I ought to know about?
Right! Almost forgot.

(1) Anything written in strikeout is assumed to be readable, but struck.

(2) Please don’t use Netspeak unless it is appropriate for the medium (like in an IM between characters, or texting).

(3) Journals are in first person, and threads/logs are in narrative (third person past tense) form.

Can journal posts be made private?
Sure, why not? I like to foster communication however the characters want to find it. To make a journal post targeted to a particular character, just mark the beginning and end of the private section as [private to name] and [/private].

If you would like, go ahead and place differently encrypted sections behind cut tags, but please also remember to include the [private to] portion in the text, as once the cut tag is expanded, the cut text is no longer visible.

When does this game take place? How does time flow?
This game takes place in the modern day, with real time. One day passes in game for every day that passes in the real world. Any changes to modern history are outlined in the Setting post and the Timeline post.

Now, in the real world, we do a lot of things in one day. We interact with a lot of people, we may make many decisions that change our lives. In a game, it’s best to spread things out, even if it seems a little slower or possibly OOC. But players don’t have the time to jam too many things into one day, and backplaying threads might block other characters from accomplishing things. Try to balance timing with ability to play in your threads.

So, I have this great idea to play a character from a book/movie/tv show. Can I?
Pelham Place is a game for original characters. While it’s always good to take inspiration from other sources, this isn’t a panfandom game. You are welcome to apply with any character as long as your character fits this world, and isn’t simply what if Buffy the Vampire Slayer were Sidhe?

Who is modding this game anyway?
HI! I'm [personal profile] tryslora (and can be found under that name here on DW, as well as on LJ and IJ). I've been gaming for almost thirty years, beginning with tabletop RPGs, moving into the email world, and finally onto LJ/GJ/IJ. If you want to see what I've done since coming into the journaling world, you are welcome to look at my CDJ character page. You'll note I sometimes refer to myself in the plural, because I'm so used to reading things written for co-modded games, but as of this writing, I'm flying solo here.

Does the school offer options if a student can’t go home for break?
Yes, the school has summer programs for all ages, broken out by the same age brackets as the schools themselves (lower school, middle school, upper school). During the short breaks, students can stay in their regular dormitory rooms. During the long summer break, students are rehoused as staff is reduced. Programs are provided, and students are kept active throughout the holidays. Celebrations are provided as appropriate.

Families of those students who board at the school are encouraged to take their children home for the holidays, to give them a sense of normal family life. Not all families due, and some children are not in control enough of their abilities to feel safe going home.

How will plot be generated?

The game will have both player generated plot and mod generated plot. At the beginning (roughly) of each month, the mod will post a plot post to the OOC comm with all the plots she is aware of, in rough outline. Players are then encouraged to comment to the post with their own known plot or event plans for the month.

If one child is Old Race, will everyone in the family be born Old Race too?

The Old Race manifestionation is genetic, so probably, but not definitely. First, for the oldest of the Old Race children, they may have older mundane siblings from before the seeding. Even those who were in other areas, but are younger, may have older mundane siblings.

Second, if a child is born as Old Race, that means it is more likely that any younger siblings will also be Old Race, pulling those same genetic seeds twisted by the isotopes from the parents, but it is still possible that one will be mundane. So a family could end up being a mix. Mundane children living within Pelham Hills are bussed to the next town over for school.

Siblings can possibly be of two different Old Races (inherited markers from father or mother being different) but there would never be more than two Old Races represented in a sibling set unless a third parent was introduced. Also, Old Race genetics don’t mix -- a child born to the Old Races may carry the potential to pass along another one (for example, a dryad child born to sidhe and dryad parents, could have a sidhe child later in life) but they will only manifest one race.

Can the traits of the Old Races be learned?

Again, the Old Race manifestation is genetic. If you’re born to a race, you’re born to that race. If you’re mundane, you can’t learn to bring out the abilities unless they are written in your body to start with. There are people who do manifest late, which has led to legend and rumors that it is possible to be born mundane and later learn to do magic, or meld with trees, but those are just rumor. All it means is that the particular genetic traits manifested later in life, rather than in early childhood. Usually traits manifest by puberty at the latest.

So how late do traits manifest?
Traits almost always manifest by puberty, and it is highly rare that they would manifest late, and usually there are unusual circumstances of some kind attached. Late manifestation or late findings requires mod approval; almost always a student will be in school by 11. More often, the traits actually manifest when young, but for some they aren’t caught until later, especially among the Walkers. most Walker talents are quiet and may happen without being noticed by others (Dreamwalkers and Spiritwalkers simply seem like quiet, daydreaming children, Deathwalkers have invisible friends).

Any child who manifests obviously will be brought to the school when it is found out. ORRY attempts to keep good records and keep track of the children, especially in the earliest seeded areas.

What does ORRY stand for, anyway?
Old Race Recovery Initiative. It was originally denoted ORRI but someone noticed the similarity to “orrery” and the new spelling of ORRY just stuck.

Is ORRY the only secret government organization?
Hah, hardly. It seems as if every group has something to investigate or utilize the Old Races, but always under wraps and super secret. The military is not interested, publicly, in Old Races joining up, simply because the military is still run by conservatives and the conservative public policy doesn’t trust these new fangled powers. But there are organizations within the military branches to further investigate how Old Races can be quietly used within them to help. ORAD (the Old Race Advancement Division) is one such organization.

So magic exists; do traditional wizards/magicians exist?
Magic is genetic, and all magic is tied to the Old Races. A character must be a member of an Old Race to be magical. However, different abilities manifest in different ways, so two transfigurers might see things completely differently.

However, there are no people who are multitalented. First, each person can belong to only one race, and second, for the races who have abilities which cover a lot of ground, a single person will generally have only a subset of those abilities. For example, a druid may be adept at weather magic or may be a healer, but it would be very unlikely they would be both.

How do I go about applying to the game?
First, make sure you’ve read the Rules/FAQ (oh wait, you’re here, so you probably did!). Then make sure to review the information about the game, including the Races and Setting.

Second, stop by the Holds page and place your request. All we need to know at this point is who you are, and what kind of character (roughly) that you’re planning to play. Please keep in mind that we’d like the PB for your character to be no more than five (5) years older than your character is, unless there is an in-character reason for the discrepancy between appearance and age.

Third, go grab a copy of the application and fill it out. Please be detailed, but don’t go overboard.

Fourth, now you have some options. If you have a journal where you post applications for review, post it there and respond to the application post with a link to the post. Alternately, you can email the mod at at with your application. And if that doesn’t work for you, please leave it in a PM to the mod account ([personal profile] pelham_place_mods). If you do choose to email or PM the application, please comment to the application post that you have done so, so I know to look for it.

Fifth, wait, patiently please, until application reviews are done. Adds will be done on the weekend, and during the startup of the game there will also be a midweek review/add date.

If at any point you need to contact the mod for questions, please either drop an email to the above address, or leave a PM for the mod account.

I’m in!! What should I do now to get set up?
As a part of your acceptance, you will receive a code to create a Dreamwidth account for your character.

Once you have created your account, please join the communities: [community profile] pelham_place and [community profile] pelham_place_ooc. The mod will approve that as soon as possible.

Please friend the mod account, and the mod will friend back to allow access to game-only information posts, such as the friending post and contact information.

Paste the in-character information from your application into a public post to your character’s journal. You may add any additional information (relationship matrix, favorites, fears/philias, etc.) to this profile if you wish. Please make this the sticky post for your journal (many Dreamwidth layouts allow for a sticky post under settings).

Get your journal set up (icons, layout, etc.). Please respond to the contact information post for your character. Then pop in and introduce yourself on OOC.

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